Private Wealth in a Nutshell

In this special masterclass Javier breaks down trusts and how private express trusts are the answer to operating in the world of commerce in an ever stringent world of government regulation and centralized control.

A little history, some case law, support and experience will provide you all the information and resources you need, like thousands of others, to begin this venture into trusteeship using history's most secure and private mode of financial and business administration.

Welcome to The Solution

The all-in-one trusted solution to protect any and all assets, maximize privacy, reduce personal and tax liability and the confidential support your business needs to make all your decisions with absolute confidence.

Frontier Capital Trust provides educational courses that thoroughly study aspects of trust law and trust administration so that whether you are doing this by yourself or paired with our consulting you can succeed using all the resources you need to properly administer your estate.

Leaving nothing out, we have produced the highest degree of trust education; creating a new caliber for handling business and what it takes and means to be truly sovereign in the world of commerce 


Reduce or Eliminate
Tax Liability

After understanding private trusteeship, the reality is that your tax burden is an option. Depending on your business structure, you could position yourself to remove all tax liabilities.

Non-Filing/Non-Reporting Entity

Unless a "taxable event" is reported by 3rd parties, the commercial activities of the contract trust are foreign & private and recognized by the IRS as non-reporting.

Probate Free
Estate Inheritance

Wealth transfers are now a private and secured process. Set up your heirs as Successor Trustees for seamless, probate-free inheritance. 

Entity Type

Historically, trusts are  known to be legal containers with a superior and distinct mode of operating in commerce as opposed to corporations. Trusts are afforded all the benefits of corporations, but without all the public regulation.

Asset Protection
Liens, Seizures, or Claims

The trust is a separate juridical person in which irrevocable transfers to it protect the asset against creditors pursuing wage garnishment, seizures, or liens against property.

Quick Start
Your Business

Similar to opening other businesses, the trust is created using founding documents + an asset transfer. We simply provide the educational support, material, instructions, and templates for trust administration and in less than 72hrs you can begin taking advantage of all the benefits of being a trustee in commerce.

Freedom & Privacy

Easily administer your affairs without requiring B.A.R. attorneys, accountants, or tax agents and their fees. 


Your Next Move, Trust.

Now that you know the game being played, its time to express trust.

  • Fill out an application for official enrollment into our signature course, Frontier Trust Solutions, and a member of our team will contact you to discuss details.
  • Similar to starting a business, we start with creating the founding documents by using our online coursework that provides for you step-by-step instructions.
  • Once you have completed all the steps and have prepared all your documentation the trust is complete.

The Value

  • Prepared Trust Documents ($10,000- $40,000)  - Typical Statutory Trusts can cost upwards of $5,000 and up to $40,000 for offshore banking services depending on the size and complexity of the estate, and often rigidly marry the Trust Declaration & Corpus, forgoing the flexibility and benefits of the Trustee to choose their path by their own pen hand.
  • Yearly Tax Benefits (40% - 100% reduction) - Depending on their goals, clients can often re-structure existing revenue streams to drastically or even completely reduce tax liability, saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.
  • Asset Protection (Varies) -  Whether its a home, a car, or an account, protecting your property from liens, seizures, repossessions, and lawsuits is a priceless benefit of a properly structured Trust.
  • No Probate Estate Planning - Pass your estate on to your heirs without exposing your inheritance to third party attorneys or state governments. Educate your Successor Trustee to inherit your legal estate.